Mission & Vision

Our mission is to co-create sustainable energy solutions

Co-creation changes the game of innovation from designing for people to designing with people.

Sustainable energy
Sustainable energy covers not only renewable energy but also the rational use of energy (energy efficiency). Reducing the energy demand is even more important. Remember that energy you don’t use, doesn’t have to be produced nor to be paid.

Our vision

Every day it becomes clearer that a sustainable economy/community is the model for the future. Sustainable energy solutions will play a key role in this process. The transition to that already started decades ago but still most of the challenge is ahead of us. The transformation from our convention model to a sustainable one is not simply “turn the key” but is a process that involves all stake holders like politicians, utilities, developers, investors, industries, constructors, consumers etc., from different levels and with different, and sometimes conflicting, perspectives and interests.

Changing the current energy mix towards a sustainable energy one is also not just adding the various renewable energy technologies. You have to consider:

  • We changing from a few centralized fossil fuels to a broad spectrum of different renewable energy technologies.
  • We changing from high density (capacity) energy recourses to low density (capacity) and fluctuating renewable energy recourses.
  • We changing from a partly centralized and monopolizes market to a localized and free market. Renewable energy is everywhere and available for everyone.

Taking these main changes into account it is clear that we have to turn the model up-side-down. Not from fossil fuel recourses to the final services anymore, but from the service to the renewable recourses. This means that also the whole infrastructure and political framework should change accordingly. And how should renewable energy be integrated in an efficient way? And what about the security of supply?