Selection of consultancy assignments

Expert consultancy: Sustainable energy concept for eco-container holiday homes, Gran Canaria, Spain.
For: EcoGlobal (Spain)
2016 – present
Development of a sustainable self sufficient energy concept (off-grid) for a project of 10 eco-container holiday homes. Including: reduction of heating and cooling demand, application of renewable energy production. Passive and active measures.

Expert consultancy: Energy concept for a luxury net zero energy villa, Sitges, Sfoto2pain.
For: EcoGlobal (Spain)      
2015 – present (currently under construction)
Development of the energy concept for a net zero energy villa. Including: reduction of heating and cooling demand, application of renewable energy production for space heating, cooling and hot tap water production.

Market assessments: Market assessments for new sustainable innovations.
For: ESADE – KIC InnoEnergy (International)        
2014 – present
Execution of several international market assessments for new sustainable innovation (start-ups) preparing for commercial market entrance. For example innovations for CSP (concentrated solar power for electricity production and industrial process heat), CPV (concentrated photovoltaic) and wind energy (real time wind measurements and forecasting services). The assessments include as well the evaluation of the chosen business models and recommendations for improvements.

Expert consultancy: Energy concept for apartment buildings, Benidorm, Spain.
For: Ciudad Patricia (Spain)
Evaluation of the proposed energy concept for two apartment buildings and expert recommendations for improvements.

Expert consultancy: Energy supply concept for luxury apartment building, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
For: Fiduvast (the Netherlands) 
Evaluation of the proposed energy supply concept for the building and expert recommendations for improvements. Evaluation of the proposed budget for the energy concept and evaluation of the proposed business model.

ZerobyDemand: Net zero energy renovation of 400 social dwellings in Spain and the Netherlands.
For: Agencia de l’Habitatge (Catalonia, Spain) in colaboration with BoEx (Utrecht, the Netherlands)
2014 – 2015
Preparation of a grant proposal within the EU horizon 2020 program to renovate 400 social post war dwellings into net zero energy dwellings from the demand side. This includes energy savings measures (passive and active) and renewable energy production on a district level as well as the development of innovative business models for the housing associations.

Solar thermal expert consultancy: Solar thermal system for indoor swimming pool.
For: Ciudad Patricia (Spain)
Consultancy assignment to design an optimal solar thermal system for a new to build indoor swimming pool in Benidorm. Including pool heating, space heating and hot tap water production. Drafting terms of reference for tendering and evaluation of offers.

Expert consultancy: sustainable building, energy and climate.
For: Omgevingsdienst regio Utrecht (the Netherlands)
2011 – 2012
Consultancy assignment to draft the roadmap for a 100% climate neutral municipality in 2050. Calculation of the CO2-footprint, estimation on energy saving potential for the various sectors and renewable energy potential (small and large scale). Defining opportunities and setting up project and collaboration agreements with stakeholders to achieve the goal.

Sustainable building expert consultancy.
For: Foundation AAP (Almere, the Netherlands)
Consultancy assignment to develop the new rescue centre for exotic animals to be built in Villena (Spain) as a sustainable building. This includes the reduction of energy demand, and application of renewable and high efficient installations.

Expert consultancy: sustainable building, energy and climate.
For: Milieudienst Zuidoost Utrecht (the Netherlands)
2010 – 2011
Consultancy assignment assisting 10 municipalities in project definition and implementation to achieve the sustainable energy ambition of the various municipalities. Implementation of sustainable building: 5 municipalities, using the GPR-gebouw tool as an instrument. Energy saving in public lighting: 2 municipalities. Energy saving in schools: 2 municipalities. Energy saving campaigns for households: 1 municipality. Energy labelling of housing stock: 1 municipality.

Selection of papers, (conference) presentations and publications

Tomorrows Foundations: sustainable buildings and areas
Expert lecture for Ecobods, 9th of July 2010, Gild, Barcelona, Spain. R.G.J.H. Voskens.

Opportunities for local sustainable energy solutions in Spain (in Dutch)
Article in the book: Acceleration Sustainable Energy (Versnelling Duurzame Energie); 19 experts visions from the market. Published March 2010, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, R.G.J.H. Voskens.

Por activa y por pasiva. Impulsar la edificación de lato rendimiento energético.
Análisis de la viabilidad económica de la edificación energéticamente eficiente. Estudio técnico que soporta los resultados de la publicación. For the working Group Construcción Sostenible de Fundación Entorno. Published 4 November 2009, Madrid, Spain. R.G.J.H. Voskens, M. Baradas et. al.